Malvern interFaith Group
Monthly meetings are held:
at 10:30 am
on the second Sunday of the month,
in The Wheel of Life Centre, 6 North Malvern Road,
Malvern, Worcs.  WR14 4LT

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Meeting Dates
Sunday 11th June 2017      led by  Jonathan Penley
  theme   Vedic Wisdom & Yoga
Sunday 14th May 2017      led by  Julia Palmer-Price 
              & Kevin Devaney
Sunday 9th April 2017      led by  Lorraine Munn
  theme   The Journey
Sunday 12th March 2017      led by  Paul Sandover
  theme   The Spring Equinox
Sunday 12th February 2017      led by  Ian & Susie Woodcock
  theme   Love
Sunday 8th January 2017      led by  Lorraine Munn
  theme   Interfaith
About the Meeting

In our interFaith Group we sit in a circle next to people who believe quite different things to what we've heard so far.  And we love it, because we're all right!

The one thing we have in common is that we all believe there is more to Life than what you see.  We don't even have a common name for whatever else it is that's 'out there'.  Many of us start by strengthening our connection with Nature and progress from there.

In our meetings we sing, pray, chant and meditate, but the meetings are like a buffet meal - you choose the bits that suit you and nobody feels embarrassed by choosing just to watch.

We meet at 10:30am on the second Sunday of each month at the Wheel of Life Centre on North Malvern Road.  Sometimes the meetings last as much as two hours because we're all enjoying ourselves and don't bother about the time, but if someone has to leave early it doesn't matter.

You're almost certain to go away feeling better than when you arrived!

What people have said:
"I thought it would be too religious, but I have a smile all the way through."
"I turn down invitations so I don't miss the service."
"I come away from the service with a feeling of deep peace and joy."
"I can voice my faith without causing offence."
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