Solstice Circle Dance
Sunday 22nd June 2014  3:00pm ~ 5:00pm
on the Malvern Hills  ...  More information
Science, Spirituality & Song
Talk * Discussion * Refreshments * Music

Sunday 9th March 2014  7:30pm - 9:30pm

Friends Meeting House  - 1 Orchard Road, Great Malvern, Worcs.
Admission Free  - Donations encouraged to cover costs

Fringe event to the Science and Faith weekend - 

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Topics for talk
The aim of the talk is to stimulate avenues of thought rather than to provide definitive answers. The topics will be taken from the following list on the day. 

* The genesis of my interest in the relationship between science and spirituality
* Spiritual truth and scientific truth - how do they relate?
* The foundations of material scientific method
* Why has our application of science led to so much environmental damage?
* Principles of vedic science from the vedic wisdom tradition
* The significance of the intention behind an action
* The contrast between belief systems and experience-based understanding
* The potential of creative expression to heal conflict.

Rough programme
7:30pm Talk
8:00pm Questions / discussion
8:15pm Refreshments
8:35pm Songs accompanied with harp
9:00pm Finish

Jonathan studied Maths & Physics at York University in the 1970s before starting work as a research scientist on digital communications with the government. Increasingly uncomfortable with his participation in military research he moved to Canada in the 1980s to work for the telephone company. After an awakening of interest in spirituality he started on a quest to develop a personal understanding of the relationship between science and spirituality. He was also inspired to explore the potential of healing through self expression with music and singing. 

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